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Greg Stier

And I ain’t talking Dairy Queen.

This blizzard didn’t come with fattening ice cream and huge chunks of Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups. This one came with high winds, twenty four-thirty six inches of snow (depending on where you were) and lots of cars getting stuck in the middle of the road.

Starting late yesterday morning and wrapping up today at about noonish the storm that racked and sacked the front range of Colorado was the most powerful storm to hit us in years. I literally spent three hours digging out. My little boy climbed the mountains of snow I made and did his own version of skiing down the slopes face first. My wife and little girl cheered us on from the window.

Twice today I had to “rescue” a four wheel drive truck that got stuck right in our neighborhood. It took three of us shoveling, pushing, praying and prying to free the SUV

I am dethawing in front of my computer thinking about the blizzards of life that have racked and sacked our young people. Morality has high centered in the middle of the road while teens are freezing in the storm of depravity that has them frozen stuck in sin and selfishness. Meanwhile much of the church is watching from the window drinking hot chocolate and communion wafers.

Church it’s time to strap on our boots, slap on our gloves and grab a shovel. The forecast is grim but the Son is coming soon to warm everything up. I can’t wait!

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