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Funny and spiritual Jeremy moments

Picture of Greg Stier
Greg Stier

I have a funny kid.

A few weeks ago I was singing in the car as I was taking Jeremy to school. Jeremy pleaded with me to stop. I asked him why he hated to hear me sing. He told me that I had a terrible voice. From there the conversation went like this.

“Jeremy, I have a good voice.”

“No, you don’t daddy. Your voice is bad, really bad. It hurts my feelings when you sing like that.”

“Jeremy, do you know how good my voice is?”

“Yeah,” he interupted. “People come from miles around just to kick you in the head.”

I laughed out loud and then spanked him (kidding).

I have a spiritual kid.

Last week we were out to eat and Jeremy had to use the restroom. So I walked him to the bathroom. Jeremy chose which “house” (aka “stall”) he wanted to live in for the next few minutes and locked the door behind him.

Sometimes when Jeremy uses a public restroom he likes to have small talk with me as I stand outside the stall door patiently(?) waiting for him. Often times there are other people in the bathroom which can lead to awkward moments. These times have ranged from embarassing (“Hey dad, I can see your shadow can you step away from the door?”) to really embarrassing (“Hey dad, you should see this one!”)

So when Jeremy said, “Hey dad…” this time I cringed, girding myself for the next sentence. Another guy was in the bathroom and rather preoccupied at “the wall.” But Jeremy surprised me with the words, “Hey dad, I’m really glad I’m going to heaven when I die.”

That took me and the dude at the wall off guard. “How do you know you are going to heaven Jeremy?” seizing the chance for an indirect witnessing opportunity.

“Because Jesus died for all my sins daddy and I believe in him.”

“Isn’t that awesome Jeremy?”

The guy hurried to get out before Jeremy gave an altar call.

I smiled and thanked God for my funny, spiritual kid. My prayer is that as Kailey grows up she will see in her big brother the light of Jesus and follow in his little footsteps.

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