Happy 4th of July

Greg Stier
Greg Stier
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I hope that you have a day full of fun, feasting and fireworks. That’s what the Stier clan is planning on.

But in the midst of our sparkler swinging, hot dog chomping and fireworks watching, let’s not forget what the 4th of July is all about. Just last night I had the chance to explain the real meaning of Independence Day to my five year old Jeremy. I told him about the men and women who sacrificed their lives so that we could live in freedom. I told him that God has blessed us with a blessing that others paid for with their lives.

Let’s pause and consider in the midst of the mayhem. Pause to pray for our troops and for their families. And, no matter what your political leanings, pause to thank God for the privilege of living in a free nation where we all can have political and spiritual leanings.

What does Independence Day mean to you?

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