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My first party at Chuck E. Cheese

Picture of Greg Stier
Greg Stier

Okay so it wasn’t for me. It was for Jeremy. He turned 6 years old yesterday. And I turned what felt like 60 last night. Here was the Chuck E. Cheese recipe for fun:

  • Add 12 screaming children to three giant pizzas. Mix in pink lemonade, loud music and video games. Stir in generous amounts of cake, parents, friends, grandparents and an aunt, uncle and cousin to boot and what do you get? A great time and a gigantic Chuck E. Cheese headache (and a pretty big bill too!)

I’m not the type to get headaches (although I’ve been known to create many) but last night my head felt like it had been split down the middle with an axe. The music seemed louder, the kids seemed spazier, the cheese seemed cheesier.

But all of the pain seemed to disappear at the sight of Jeremy opening his presents. I love to give gifts to my boy (and my girl for that matter!) It is joy for my soul and Tylenol for my head.

How much more the Father of all fathers loves to give gifts to us his children. He gave us the most precious gift in the universe when he wrapped up his Son in the giftwrapping of human skin and sent him to us as the ultimate gift. In spite of the headaches we’ve created for him with our loud sin and cheese (?) his headache disappears at the sight of us receiving his gift of love in faith.

Don’t you want to share this gift with someone else? Maybe the “E” in Chuck E. Cheese stands for evangelism. On second thought I think it stands for “expensive”.

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