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Preaching grace at Grace

Greg Stier
Greg Stier

I just finished preaching at my old church, Grace Church. It’s actually not my “old” church, its my current one. Its just that I used to be the preaching pastor there and now my lifelong friend, Rick Long is the primary communicator. It’s been four years since I last preached at Grace.

What a great church! Every weekend service there are so many people that come to Christ it is mind blowing. Just last week over twenty people came to Christ during the weekend services!

Could you imagine if just half the churches in America saw these kinds of evangelistic results? There would be a sweeping movement of God’s Spirit through the Great Commission!

Why not? A simple way to start is getting every pastor and every youth leader to share the gospel during every service or youth group meeting.

In addition we should consistently challenge our people to share Jesus and bring their friends out to church. We need to spread the good news like we believe it.

Don’t you think?

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