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Stuck in Grand Rapids

Picture of Greg Stier
Greg Stier

Nothing against Grand Rapids. I like this city/town/village. It is full of nice people and such. But I’m trying to get out. It would be awesome to have a full night’s sleep in my own bed.

What’s the problem? One flight got delayed out of Grand Rapids and I missed my other flight. Now I’m stuck waiting on a 10:30pm flight to Chicago that may or may not happen due to weather (Tornados and storms and wind…oh my!)

Here are a few reasons I want to rapidly leave this grand city:

  1. I have jet lag from my trip back from Maui yesterday, where I got virtually zero shut eye. Now my jet lag is squared…JL2…sounds like the prototype of a new BMW… “Introducing the new BMW JL2, the ultimate driving machine.”
  2. I’ll probably be either sleeping at the airport in Chicago O’Hare tonight to catch a 6am flight tomorrow or be sleeping at the airport in Grand Rapids tonight to catch a who-knows-what flight tomorrow.
  3. The food tastes better in Denver for some reason.

All that said, this (my current and, hopefully, life long vocation) is easier than roofing. For eight years (age 15-23) I was a roofer. It was a job that was grimey, slimey, hot and dangerous. Being a preacher is nowhere nearly as difficult or dangerous as nailing down shingles on a high, steep roof (although I did get a paper cut once from turning the pages of my Bible while preaching!)

As the prez of D2S I get to travel, train and unleash a generation of teenagers to know, live, share and own their faith. Although there are some downsides (travel, rigorous schedule, occasional paper cuts, high demands and immense pressure to raise $, develop programs and write books) it is ten times easier than slapping down T-Locks or 3 tabs on a hot summer’s day on a sizzling roof in Denver.

I love my job. I love Jesus. I love youth leaders and I love teenagers.

Thank you God for the privilege of unleashing a generation for Jesus!

P.S. Will you please get me home soon? Thanks Daddy!

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