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Survive in Columbus

Picture of Greg Stier
Greg Stier

This weekend we are doing the Survive Conference with our good friends in Columbus, Ohio. Well over 5,000 screaming teenagers are signed up to get equipped to know, live and share their faith in Jesus. The Washington Projects, Lincoln Brewster, Derwin Gray, Zane Black and many others are going to be working hard for twenty six hours to help them do just that.

The cool thing is that we know that all of the training that we need to “download” into the hearts and lives of these teenagers can’t take place in a weekend. That’s why I’ll spend significant time training youth leaders on Saturday how to build a Deep and Wide Youth Ministry strategy.

Here are some of the follow up tools we provide youth leaders, teenagers, parents and donors to carry on “dare to share” long after the conference leaves town:

Soul Fuel: A weekly theology training devotional for teenagers designed to help teenagers understand and live out their faith. It’s always culturally relevant, concise and powerful. This comes with a free parent/teen guide and youth leader curriculum. Did I mention that it’s all free?

Culture Commission: A weekly “how to use ____________” to share the gospel. This week it is on “how to use the Superbowl” to bring Jesus up with your friends. Every week this short article gives teenagers and adults an easy way to bring the subject of spirituality up in a non threatening way.

How to witness to Mormons, Muslims, Buddhists, Atheists, Jehovah’s Witnesses…we have fourteen different articles available for teenagers and adults to draw from so they can be better witnesses.

Message Boards: Have a question about theology, evangelism, life? Become a registered user on our MBs and be able to interact with other teenagers and godly Christian adults about it.

Random Devos: Enough said.

In addition you can watch teens and youth leaders (and whoever) can watch our weekly chapel podcasts called Dare 2 Share Uncensored.

Pray for the teenagers in Columbus to be equipped during and after this weekend to know, live, share and own their faith in Jesus! And use the tools listed above so you can live and share your faith as well!

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