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War Heroes

Greg Stier
Greg Stier

My dad was a war hero.

He fought in the Korean War, was taken captive and was the very last POW released from the Korean War…three years after the war was over.

I’m glad my dad was a war hero. It kind of makes me proud of him even though I’ve never met him. Its nice to know that, somewhere in my gene pool, there’s a little hero DNA swimming around.

But my dad crashed and burned spiritually after the war. I was one of the results. My mom met my dad. They partied. She got pregnant. He got transfered. Years later he died.I never met my father.

In one sense I want to be like my dad. In my own “war” against the forces of evil I want to be like him. My goal is to win against the battle of Satan and be a war hero in this unseen war. Like he was a real war hero in the Korean War I want to be a real war hero in spiritual warfare.

In another sense I want to be nothing like him. My prayer is not to crash and burn spiritually like he did in his later years.

This is what I’m contemplating this Memorial Day weekend…real war heroes and fake ones.

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