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YS fallout continues…

Picture of Greg Stier
Greg Stier

Wow. Little did I know that my Youth Specialties talk would produce such fallout, especially over the issue of homosexuality (I alluded to it in my sermon about getting youth ministry back to Christ and the cross and happened to call homosexuality a “sin” in a closing, sidepoint illustration.) Anyway, you can check out the conversation on My reply to the whole e-conversation is comment #30.

I’m thankful that Marko (the Prez of YS) was defending my motives and character to everyone, even though he disagreed with most of what I said in my sermon. Again, if you want to know the gist of what I preached check out my “Catalytic Cross” post from just a few days ago and judge for yourself.

Please don’t leave a comment on Marko’s blog unless you really have something to say that will make a difference in the discussion. I don’t want anyone to think I was sicking my blog dogs on Marko’s site. Pray for us to have love and grace as we have this discussion, in the words of George Whitefield, “the mixture of the lion and the lamb.”

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