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10 reasons to host Dare 2 Share LIVE for your teens

Greg Stier
Greg Stier

1. There are 1 billion teens across the globe. We need to take drastic action to allow every one of them to hear the Gospel from a friend.

2.  Teenagers come to Christ faster and can spread the Gospel farther than adults. We need to unleash them. Dare 2 Share LIVE will do just that.

3.  There will be a powerful dramatic presentation about eternity that will help you and your teens develop Gospel urgency.

4.  The year’s Dare 2 Share LIVE theme is Let’s Go!, based on Matthew 28:18-20, where Jesus tells us to go and make disciples. It’s the mission Jesus is still inviting us to follow today. Through Dare 2 Share LIVE, students will hear that call clearly and learn about their unique role in reaching their friends with the life-saving message of hope. Teens need the truth of Jesus’s words in this verse now more than ever!

5.  It’s simple. Go to to sign up your church. Then simply follow the instructions, and watch the videos straight from your youth room.

6.  It’s a great outreach opportunity. The Gospel will be given in a clear and compelling way, and unreached teenagers will have an opportunity to respond.

7.  Zane Black, Jerrod Gunter, Gustavo Gonzalez, and yours truly will be doing the speaking. (They’re amazing. I’m just OK. 😀) Plus, all the videos are offered in English and Spanish.

8. It’s a great opportunity to impact your community. You and your group will be sent out on outreach in the afternoon to make a difference to your neighbors. And your teenagers will have access to the most creative, interactive, and powerful evangelism app out there: Life in 6 Words.

9.  Your students will be mobilized, along with thousands of other teenagers and churches (currently we’ve got more than 2,000 signed up around the world) to reach their generation.

10. The time is now! Most churches will be participating on November 11—a Global Day of Youth Evangelism. It’s not too late to rally students for this weekend, but even if you can’t host the event that day, we urge you to plan a day soon that you can. The videos are downloadable and can be used at any time that works for your group. Nothing will launch a movement of Gospel conversations like a multitude of teenagers across the world. Join the movement! Sign up today.

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