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10 sure fire ways to get fired (Lead Pastor edition)

Picture of Greg Stier
Greg Stier

1.  Announce you’re changing the name of the church to “The Journey with Jesus Church of the Wide Open Door” without running it through committee first.

2.  Do a three month sermon series on stewardship called “Give til it hurts!”

3.  Tell an embarrassing story about a charter member in your Sunday morning sermon.

4.  Go back to singing the old Hymns in the contemporary service.

5.  Use a guitar and drums in the traditional service.

6.  Unleash a Gospel Advancing philosophy in a purely attractional or content-as-we-are ministry model.

7.  Just re-preach the Andy Stanley sermons you heard on his podcast last week (and be sure to use his own personal illustrations.)

8.  Tell your Baptist church you now feel that all of the gifts of the Spirit are active today (including speaking in tongues.)

9.  Tell your charismatic congregation you now feel that most of the gifts of the Spirit are active today (except speaking in tongues.)

10. Let the youth group do the musical they just wrote on the book of Revelation during an entire Sunday morning service without checking it theologically first.

What are some more sure fire ways for a lead pastor to get fired?

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