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An Unlikely Apostle

Picture of Greg Stier
Greg Stier

The power of God can change any life, no matter what that life was before. Take the Apostle Paul. Before Paul, he was Saul, known for imprisoning, torturing, and killing Christians. This man hated Christianity and was on a crusade to destroy followers of Christ. However, God saw an opportunity in a man with this much passion and decided to intervene in Saul’s life.

Saul was on route to Damascus, to imprison and kill Christians, when the resurrected Jesus appeared before him and gave him the following commands: stand up, speak up, wake up, and rise up. There was a passion for destruction inside of Saul, but witnessing the absolute power of Christ shook him to his core and turned his life around in an instant. There were hard times ahead, but Christ was with him every step.

He now knew what he had to do: lead others to Christ and spread the news of the resurrected Savior. Here’s the thing: God has given you the same mission of sharing the Gospel message with everyone. If you have accepted Christ, then you have witnessed the same power Saul did, and Christ has promised that He will be with you every step of the way as well.

So stand up for your faith, speak up about the amazing news of Christ, wake up to the opportunity before you, and rise up to the challenge! Paul, who was so far gone, gasped the chance and you should too.

My book, Unlikely Fighter, is out now!


I’m super excited about sharing it with all of you. It tells the story of my childhood and showed me that He had called me to be His Unlikely Fighter.

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Unlikely Fighter

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