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10 things I loved about the Columbus #D2SFearless Conference

Greg Stier
Greg Stier

Columbus-City1. Not only was the conference sold out, the teens were SOLD OUT!

2. I think it was, by God’s grace, the best youth leader session Doug Holliday and yours truly have done to date.

3. The youth leader’s session was held in a children’s church setting called “The Mickey Mouse House” (or something like that), complete with sets and puppets and such. It was spot on awkwardly perfect.

4. Had a talk with the Sr. Pastor of the host church (Grove City Naz) that was priceless. Loved his deep passion and quiet determination to build a Gospel advancing ministry that will reach the next generation for Jesus.

5. Watching our production team work seamlessly with the production team of the church to produce a seamless show.

6. Talking to teenagers from Canada to Michigan to Kentucky to West Virginia to, oh yeah, Ohio, who won’t stop until every teenager in their reach is reached with the good news of Jesus.

7. The Digital Age did a phenomenal job at worship once again. By the way they just signed back on to do our entire “Live it up!” tour next year. Can’t wait!

8. Watching our volunteer staff, stage team and production crew scramble to get the stage cleared, foyer evacuated and truck loaded so that the church could pull off their Saturday night service.

9. From the drama team to the speakers to the production I think it was the tightest program yet.

10. It didn’t snow.

What was your favorite thing about the Fearless Tour in Columbus?

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