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7 things I loved about the Washington DC #D2SReverse conference

Picture of Greg Stier
Greg Stier

file3921269374368Wow! It was a crazy, exciting and transformative weekend we just had in Washington DC. Here are 7 things I loved about the conference we just finished in our nation’s capitol (Technically we did it in Woodbridge, VA but…close enough!)

1. It was the loudest crowd for it’s size the entire tour!

From the crazy opener to the closing bell the Hylton Memrorial Chapel was jam packed with teenagers who were laughing (loudly), worshipping (loudly) and praying (loudly!) It was amazing!

2. The youth leaders were on fire!

We had 250 youth leaders in a room that seated 200 so the youth leader session was rocking. I could see in their eyes they wanted to do more than attend an event, they want to lead a movement! Pray for them as they do!

3. Many teenagers made decisions for Jesus on Friday night!

Tons of teenagers made decisions to believe in Jesus and live in “reverse” during the response time. I talked to many of them and could tell that these were serious decisions based on God doing a serious work in their hearts!

4. The Christianpost sent out a reporter and they did two feature articles as a result!

You can read the report on the conference here.

You can read a personal interview with me on why millennials are leaving the church here.

5. I got to encourage (via video) a youth leader from McLean Bible Church who got kicked out of the mall for 30 days.

Check it out…

6. Watching Pete Green rock it during the youth leader session in his spontaneous sermonette on why youth leaders need to attend Lead THE Cause University.

7. Hearing the Korean students giggle at the way I mispronounced “O Lord” in Korean.

They gently corrected me afterwards and I’ll have it right for Chicago (our last event!)

Thank you “O Lord!” 🙂

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