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The “Get ready for summer” Overall Fitness Challenge

Greg Stier
Greg Stier

DSCN4393“And Jesus grew in wisdom and stature, and in favor with God and man.” Luke 2:52

As a young man growing up Jesus became intellectually sharper, physically fitter, spiritually deeper and relationally stronger. In other words he was fit in every major category of life.

If Jesus grew stronger in these four areas then we need to as well. We need to get fit intellectually, physically, spiritually and relationally so that we can bring maximum glory to God in everything we do and say. Too many times we think of “fitness” as purely physical but we need get and stay fit in every area. That’s what the “Get ready for summer” Overall Fitness Challenge is all about and that’s why you should pray about taking this challenge with me.

Starting this upcoming Monday (March 31st) there will be exactly 9 weeks until June 1st. So here’s the challenge before the unofficial start to Summer begins: Choose one specific, God-honoring goal in every one of these four areas to accomplish over the next 9 weeks. For instance, your goals could look like this:

Intellectually: Read a non-fiction book on a subject you know nothing about.

Physically: Lose 15 pounds by exercising for 30 minutes 5x’s per week and taking in no more than 1,600 calories/day.

Spiritually: Read five chapters of Scripture per day. If you miss a day, make up for it on the next day.

Relationally: Do family devotions 2x’s per week.

Make sure your goals are specific, measurable, realistic and God-honoring.

If you’re taking the challenge let me know (either leave a comment below or let me know via Facebook or Twitter.) You can declare your goals (if you like) in the comments section.

On June 1st I’ll post a blog called “How did you do on your overall fitness challenge?” You can then answer with a percentage answer. For instance, if you accomplished all four of your goals you can post: 100%. If you accomplished 3 out of 4 you can post 75% and so on. Each goal is a zero sum game so you either accomplished that goal or you did not.

What do you win if you accomplish all 4 goals? Self respect and some Twitter fame (I’ll give a shout out to all the winners.)

By the way here are my goals:

Intellectually: To stretch myself by writing one chapter & a book proposal for a brand new audience (adults) on a brand new subject (TBA)

Physically: To get back to my “fighting weight” of 185 pounds.

Spiritually: To memorize the first chapter of Ephesians

Relationally: To get to know my new neighbors and share Jesus with them.

Starting Monday the game is on. Who is with me?

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