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Highlights of Lead THE Cause (Denver) Part 1

Picture of Greg Stier
Greg Stier


 We are midway through this power-packed week at Lead THE Cause Denver and, already, God is doing so many amazing things. Here are just a few…

1. The Prayer time at Columbine High School.

It’s hard to put into words the sight of almost 300 teenagers prayer walking around a high school that has forever been marked with a horrific school shooting that took place 16 years ago. It gave me chills to see four students carry one of the original Columbine crosses from the school to the Columbine memorial eight short minutes away.

There, we prayed for the schools of America. There, we prayed for our unreached friends, classmates and teammates. There, we experienced God in a powerful way. There we yielded ourselves afresh and anew to Christ and His Cause.

2. The Internationals

We have Bethany from Canada, Phoenix from Belarus, and Corey, Silas and Livia from Switzerland. All of them are here to take the good news back to their own countries and to live and lead THE Cause of Christ! Livia has already translated the Life in 6 Words app into German! We are brainstorming how to “gospelize” the world and how we can help serve the international community when it comes to spreading the good news across the street and around the world.

3. Hanging out at my alma mater, Colorado Christian University.

It’s amazing to see how this school is growing and improving. Their new buildings are beautiful and, more importantly, the staff and students here seem to have even more of a missionary heart than when I attended 27 years ago. I count it an honor to have CCU partner with us on this quest to reach this next generation with the hope of Jesus Christ!

4. Hearing stories from the outreach experience.

From leading homeless people to Jesus to having a 30 year old salesman break down in tears while hearing the Gospel from a teenager the stories have been amazing. I’m also proud of my son, Jeremy, a first timer at Lead THE Cause, who told a teenager at a skatepark that he would let him “ollie” (aka “jump”) over him if he would give him five minutes of his time. He did and then he did.

Just after the first day of outreach God has done so much and we have two more days to go!

5. Being in my own home state Colorado for a week with hundreds of believers from all across the nation!

I love this state. It’s a beautiful place. But what makes it especially beautiful this week is the joy of fellow brothers and sisters in Christ who are living THE Cause in powerful ways!

Can’t wait to see what God does the rest of this week.

Please pray for us!

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