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5 Simple Ways to “Gospelize” your 2015

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Greg Stier

2015-Gospelize“I contend for this, that to gospelize a man is the greatest miracle in the world. All the other miracles are wrapped up in this one. To gospelize a man, or, in other words, to convert him, is a greater work than to open the eyes of the blind.” Charles Spurgeon

Gospelize” is an old English word for “evangelize” (but just sounds way cooler!)

So how can you gospelize your 2015? Here are 5 quick ideas:

1. Pray for an opportunity everyday to share your faith! You’ll be shocked how many opportunities God brings your way!

2. Learn how to ask, admire and admit. Ask great questions (moving from everyday topics to spiritual ones), admire what you can about what they believe and admit the reason you’re a Christian is that you needed someone to rescue you spiritually.

3. Carry Gospel tracts with you or Life in 6 Words cards and use them when you leave a tip at a restaurant (and tip really big!) Here’s another blog I wrote called “10 tips on tipping if you’re a Christian.”

4. Ask the server at the restaurant you often go to or barista at the coffee shop you frequent how you can pray for them. You’ll be shocked how many gospel conversations naturally open up. I’ve had situations where complete strangers opened up and started telling me what they’re struggling with in their lives. At one nice restaurant where my wife and I were having our anniversary dinner two servers ended up telling us their life stories and we were able to fully share the good news. We ended up in a huddle in prayer right in the middle of the dining room. It was awkward and awesome!

5. Use the SALT videos to spark Gospel conversations. Post one of these short videos on your Facebook page and then navigate the conversation that hopefully ensues. Here’s a sample of one of these highly produced videos that “salt” gospel conversations:

Of course there are tons of ideas to choose from when it comes to sharing the good news in 2015. You could have a neighborhood spiritual discussion group, start a campus Bible study (that is focused on explaining the gospel), take a co-worker or classmate out for coffee (or waffles or whatever) and listen to their story then share your story so that ultimately you could explain Christ’s story! You could invite a friend to church or youth group and then go out afterward and talk about it. You could send someone a link to the Life in 6 Words, Something Amazing or Falling Plates video and ask them what they thought. You could go old school and write an actual letter that explains the good news message.

What are some of your ideas for Gospelizing your 2015?

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