A sermon without the gospel is like….

Greg Stier
Greg Stier
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I’ve always loved Spurgeon’s response when he was asked what his style of preaching was, “I take me text and make a beeline for the cross.” Boom!

With this quote in mind I sent out a Twee this morning that simply read, “A sermon without the gospel is like…” >#FillInTheBlank. To my surprise I was inundated with responses. Here are some of them!

…like a Twinkie without cream filling

…like eating wax fruit (looks great but nothing of substance)

…like a run without a finish line

…like a shower without water

…like Yoda strange syntax missing

…like a game of football without the ball

…like taking a number 2 without toilet paper. #allpoopy

…like ham w/no burger. PB w/no J. water w/no melon. Hip w/o Hop. A rapper w/o a DJ.

…like pizza without dough

…like a bike ride without a bike

…like a person w/out a pulse, marriage w/out my wife, AND go-carts w/out your wallet

…like not a sermon!

…like fools gold, worthless

…like trying to build a deck with a glass hammer

…like skydiving w/ a concrete parachute

…like PB & J without the bread; a mess

…like the olympics without any athletes

…trying to fry bacon in a paper skillet

…like playing a video game without a controller

…like Oreos without milk

…like fishing a stream with no trout (sorry, I’m a trout bum!)

…like a bow without an arrow, it pierces nobody

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