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Love without limits

Picture of Greg Stier
Greg Stier

When you sin against God
And run from His ways
There is nothing to do
But one thing to say,

“You are loved.”

You are loved in the good times
And loved in the bad.
You are loved when you love God
And loved when you’re mad.

You are loved when you hate him
And when praises you sing.
You are loved when you give
Or have nothing to bring.

You are loved without limits
Because Love died for you
He hung in your place
Between, not one thief, but two.

No demon or angel, above or below
Can temper or tamper once it’s bestowed.
His love is forever, never revoked.
Burning so brightly it never needs stoked.

This love it compels us
To serve without shame.
We can love those who hate us
Because we bear His Name.

When you’re loved without limits
You have nothing to prove.
Loving others is easy
Because Jesus loves you.

Greg Stier

Unlikely Fighter

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