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Discovering Your Sharing Style

Picture of Greg Stier
Greg Stier

Here at Dare 2 Share, we’re working on a teen devotional book that has an evangelism emphasis and I need your help. I’m looking for stories from teens that talk about their own particular unique faith-sharing styles. So check out the following four styles of sharing your faith and tell me what you thinkn Talk about your own experiences. Which style do you think you are and what approaches have you personally found that work for you when it comes to sharing your faith with others using your own unique style?

Here are just four basic faith-sharing styles. I call them: talkers, “stalkers,” buddies and brains.

Talkers are winsome and wordy. Their strength is their contagious excitement for the good news of the gospel. They tend to be friendly, funny, very persuasive and highly relational. The Apostle Paul in Acts 17:16-33 was a talker.

“Stalkers” are strong and blunt. They tend to be powerful personalities who are relentless in their witness. They are unapologetic in their presentation of the gospel. The Apostle Peter in Acts 2:1-14 was “stalker.”

Buddies are super relational and caring. They tend to empathize with people and be great listeners. They come through the side door when it comes to evangelism. Priscilla and Aquila in Acts 18:24-26 were buddies.

Brains are intellectual and factually convincing. They tend to embrace apologetics and can present people with well-reasoned arguments for accepting Christ. Luke wrote the book of Luke and Acts to make a case to one man named Theophilus (Luke 1:3; Acts 1:1).

No one style is better than the others; they are just different approaches. And some people may be a blend of several. In fact, I believe that Jesus modeled the ultimate balance of all four styles.

What do you think? Which are you? And what from your own personal experience makes you think that’s your particular style?

Keep in mind as you give us feedback and comments, that we may include your sotry in the book!! (In other words, you are giving us permission to use it!)

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