Finish the analogy…

Greg Stier
Greg Stier
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I tweeted “Preaching the gospel without mentioning the cross is like…(finish the analogy)” and here are the responses I’ve gotten back so far:

“…fishing without a hook” @youthpastortj

“…dropping into a 30 foot halfpipe without a board.” @daveryfl

“…receiving a beautifully wrapped present with no gift inside.” @RealAaronOaks

“…no gospel at all.” @sweetmacala

“…eatin’ a burger without the beef.” @Mamsuel

“…a wedding where the bride isn’t there.” @mstarjd

“…drinking water out of an empty glass.” @jeremy77

“…peanut butter without peanuts.” @chicken4God

“…is like…Not Biblical!” @jasonGjordan

“…taking a shower without water.” @kenny_swanson

“…being baptized without first receiving salvation.” @Qbicle14

“…deep sea diving in a 3 foot swimming pool.” @AmyLiw265

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