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Hesitations and aspirations of the father of a middle schooler

Greg Stier
Greg Stier

photo-3I’m now officially the father of a middle schooler. Just an hour ago I dropped my son off at school and watched him not be able to open his first school locker. As I watched him fumble with the dial (along with other 12 year olds around him) I couldn’t help but realize that I was about to put all my youth ministry theories into practice.

Will I have to rewrite my youth ministry books with titles like…

“Holy Crap! I was way off!”…or… “Oops, what I thought I knew about youth ministry” or “Train Wreck: Story of a theoretical father.”

To be honest I look forward to the challenge. Jeremy is a great kid full of wit and wonder. He’s a bit of class clown (where’d he get that from?) but has a relational side that runs deep (from his mama’s gene pool.)

I’m sure we’ll face problems, get in some heated “discussions”, have to work through hormones, zits, break-ups and break downs but it should be, at the very least, exciting.

My prayer for my son is that the heart for Jesus that he already has expands and grows throughout his teenage years. My prayer for my wife and me is that he gives us, in the words of George Whitefield, “the mixture of the lion and the lamb” when dealing with the challenges that await.

Pray for us as we enter this new and exciting chapter of life.

The adventure begins…

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