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My 10 favorite things about the Follow Tour…

Greg Stier
Greg Stier

bgAboutUsFor those of you who’ve been to the Dare 2 Share “Follow” Tour you’ll be able to relate to the 10 items on my list. Feel free to add to it in the comments below. For those of you who didn’t go this tour…um, you missed out! Don’t miss out on next year’s Reverse tour because, by God’s grace, it’s gonna rock too.

So, without further adieu, here are my 10 favorite things about the Follow Tour:

1. The glasses in the Friday night drama (seeing people differently!)

2. Esteban’s “All I see is red” live performance.

3. The boxes and opening on Friday night (this may be my favorite opener in D2S history!)

4. “Trust Jesus maybe”…’nuf said!

5. How teens respond to their youth leaders during the Saturday “Recklessly abandon” session.

6. Zane’s opening talk (hilarious and impacting…poor, little mouse!)

7. Everfound’s worship sets (great guys, great hearts, great musicians…plus they’re Russian!)

8. Unveiling the “Share 6 Campaign” to youth leaders during the YL session.

9. Watching teens text their friends and begin a spiritual conversation.

10. The Red Shoes exchange on Saturday night…BOOM!

Seattle and Chicago here we come. You’ll know what these 10 things mean really soon!

For those of you who’ve already been to #D2SFollow what was your favorite part of the weekend?

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