Ten reasons I love evangelism

Greg Stier
Greg Stier
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1. It is the red-headed stepchild of the church (and I love red-headed step children so much that I married one!)
2. It will bring excitement into any congregation and every conversation.
3. It leads to discipleship which leads to more evangelism…or it should anyway.
4. It is sharing the best news on the planet. And who doesn’t love spreading good news?
5. It is a message that needs to be verbally explained and I’m chatty…’nuf said.
6. It ticks off “Christians” who don’t believe in the inherent power of the gospel message.
7. It ticks off Satan who does believe in the inherent power of the gospel message.
8. It glorifies God by recruiting more worshippers to praise His awesome Name!
9. It delivers a powerful message through weak, jars-of-clayish vessels like me.
10. It is the greatest story hardly ever told!

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