Viva LA Cause in Peru!

Greg Stier
Greg Stier
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Grace Church of Eden Prarie, Minnesota is going all Viva LA Cause on us! They recently went to Peru and here is their praise report,

“Prepared both spiritually and physically, a team of 205 people traveled to Lima Peru, July 23 -31, 2011, figuratively carrying a towel and basin on our All-Church Mission Trip. They were joined by approximately 800 believers from our sister church in Callao, who served Shoulder to Shoulder, “Hombro a Hombro” with us for the shared goal of glorifying God by bringing the Gospel to all who would listen. Each member of our team was trained to share the Gospel through their personal testimony and also learning the 6 point GOSPEL outline.

God’s protection and anointing were evident as groups ministered in tough neighborhoods (sometimes under police protection), parks, hospitals, and door-to-door. The fervor of Grace students who shared Christ was outstanding. The entire team had incredible opportunities – many for the first time – to pray with hundreds of Peruvians to receive Christ. Gang members, police officers, soccer team members, and people from all walks of life responded positively. Members of our team provided practical help as well, painting more than 50 homes, preparing hundreds of meals each day, or putting on a children’s festival. Some even gave a Gospel presentation in a marketplace that shoppers stopped to watch.

Throughout the week, our medical team ministered in hospitals and outpost clinics, bringing much-need medical care to more than 1,600 Peruvians. After several days of delays, 31 pacemakers were released from customs, and our doctors worked long hours to complete the implants. Meanwhile, for five long days and under very difficult conditions, plastic surgeons performed severely needs surgeries.

Every evening, the Callao Church and in its daughter church locations held simultaneous performances drawing such large crowds that second performances were frequently required. Captivating dramas, great music performed in Spanish, Dustin Kelm’s amazing unicycle presentations, and the Flom family illusionist acts culminated with a presentation of the Gospel message of salvation. By week’s end, more than 3,200 Peruvians had indicated decisions to accept Christ as their personal Savior. Glory to God!”

Everyone on this trip from Grace Church learned the GOSPEL as part of their training and Dave Gibson, the amazing missions pastor at Grace (and great friend!), trained pastors and leaders in THE Cause!

Way to go Grace Church! Keep living and leading the ultimate cause.

Viva LA Cause!

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