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10 things I love about youth ministry

Picture of Greg Stier
Greg Stier

10-reasons why-I-love-youth-ministry1. The fact that there are adult men and women out there who really believe teenagers can change the world through Christ!

2. Because Dodgeball can still be played without legal or moral repercussions.

3. Teenagers all jacked up on Jesus and Mountain Dew.

4. The fact that the average teenager has more friends (400ish) than the average youth room can hold. Lots of outreach potential!

5. When the most unlikely teenager puts their faith in Jesus.

6. Missions trips that give teenagers a vision to reach the world with the Gospel.

7. When teenagers get a broken heart for the lost friends for the first time and decide to do something about it.

8. The buzz in a youth room right before the youth meeting begins (music blaring, teens chatting, youth leader scrambling)

9. When teenagers ask great questions in a small group about the Bible or life that an adult would never dare to ask.

10. When teens pray, really pray.

What do you love about youth ministry?

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