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Announcing our brand new evangelistic app: Life in 6 Words

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Greg Stier

Li6W-app-iconI am so excited to announce the release of our brand new evangelistic app called “Life in 6 Words.” Based on the Gospel video produced by Dare 2 Share and delivered with astonishing excellence by Propaganda, this app is simple, clear and very easy to use.

How it works is simple. You ask someone how they would describe their life in 6 words and then show them the app. There’s a list of 14 words for them to choose from that range from “adventure” to “broken” to “money” to “fun.” Once they choose their six words they push “Next” on the screen and their words appear in the order they pushed them.

Then you can ask them why they chose those particular words. This is a great opportunity to listen to them deeply and get to know them more.

Finally you ask them if they’d be interested in how the best selling book of all time might describe their lives in six words? If they say yes you swipe through six beautifully illustrated screens with six words and six sentences (based on Dare 2 Share’s GOSPEL acrostic as well as the Life in 6 Words video.) Here are the six words and sentences:

GOD created us to be with him.
OUR sins separate us from God.
SINS cannot be removed by good deeds.
PAYING the price for sin, Jesus died and rose again.
EVERYONE who trusts in him alone has eternal life.
LIFE with Jesus starts now and lasts forever.

After you’ve swiped through the words, sentences and accompanying verses they have the opportunity to put their faith in Jesus. If they do it directs them to a site that will help them grow in their faith. If they are not ready it directs them to some helpful articles that will help them wrestle through the Gospel message in a non-threatening way.

Of course you can show them the Life in 6 Words video as well right from this great little app!

You can download this FREE app on either the iTunes store or on Google Play (you may have to search for it but it’s there!)

Please download it, rate it (we are asking everyone who likes it to rate it so we can get some buzz about it) and get others to download it too! By the way you can also use this as a gospel tract of sorts. Get the unreached person to download it and go through it on their own. It’s intuitive enough to work both ways.

And if you haven’t downloaded our Dare 2 Share evangelism training app you can download that too. Again, both are free. We felt weird about charging for a gospel app. Saying things like, “The Gospel’s free but this will cost you 99 cents” sounded kind of goofy to us. So both apps are free!

By the way this app was fully funded by the Lead THE Cause Class of 2014! We are grateful for their generosity!

Remember to download it, rate it, encourage others to download it and, most of all, use it to engage others in Gospel conversations!

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