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Denver Rocked!

Picture of Greg Stier
Greg Stier

Imagine around 9,000 teens, youth leaders and adult sponsors screaming their lungs out and worshipping their hearts out in a jammed and jamming arena and you’ll begin to get a taste of what we experienced at the Game Day training conference in Denver. What a weekend! I’m tired, sore and happy. But, to be honest, the kick off to this weekend wasn’t going so well for me.

It all started with a touch of the flu on Thursday (stayed in bed with lots of liquids), a horribly painful sore throat on Friday morning (gargled with salt water and hydrogen perocide every hour on the hourish) and a cold that hit me on Saturday (gave up on any remedy except prayer.)

What’s weird is that I got really sick before last year’s Denver conference too. Coincidence? I think not. I believe that before a conference of Denver’s magnitude Satan and his cohorts turn up the heat, unleash the germs, do the “voodoo” they do so well so they can derail the power of God, disrupt the kingdom of God and discourage the servants of God.

But God prevailed once again. Through the prayers of God’s people the Lord touched my throat (I thought I would lose my voice), gave me strength and unleashed a torrent of his power in the Pepsi Center through every song, skit, session, interaction and outreach challenge.

Were you at the Denver Conference? What happened to you? Tell me about your outreach experience, your cell phone challenge, your 48 hour challenge, your decision on Friday night or what you learned on Saturday that changed your life. Or maybe share with me how Satan tried to derail you from attending this conference and how the power of God overcame and won the day once again.

And now that the Denver GameDay training conference is over, the real GameDay is beginning. It’s time to pray, pursue and persuade. It’s time to strap on your cleats, slap on your gear, get off the bench and get in the game.

Can you hear the cheers? They’re coming from the great cloud of witnesses that are cheering you on from the heavenly stands. They’re coming from your Coach who is calling you to Go! Fight! Win!

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