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I’m Revealing a Big Fat Secret That Will Affect YOUR Youth Ministry!

Picture of Greg Stier
Greg Stier

We’ve been keeping a secret at Dare 2 Share for the past few months and I’m thrilled GregStierMainLogoto finally share it with you. We’re launching our very first podcast called “Gospelize with Greg Stier: Youth Ministry with a Kick! 

This podcast is a passion project of mine because I truly believe in the power of “gospelizing” youth ministries. A few years ago, I wrote the book Gospelize out of a desire to see confused, burnt out youth leaders reignited with a passion for the gospel and equipped with a strategy to get their teens on fire for Christ too. 

Since publishing Gospelize, we’ve heard countless stories from youth pastors who were wrestling with a holy discontentment in their ministries. They wanted something more for their students and for the effort they were putting in week after week. In many cases, it was through learning the gospel advancing strategy explained in Gospelize (which, honestly, came straight from the book of Acts!) that everything clicked for them and major kingdom impact followed close behind. 

I sincerely believe there are youth leaders around the world who could see exponential growth in their youth ministries’ effectiveness if they gained a clearer focus on gospel advancement. It’s my prayer that this podcast will equip those on the front lines of youth ministry around the world with a laser-focused strategy to do just that. 

Here’s me explaining a little more about this new project.

I hope you’ll join us every month as we dig into scripture to discover God’s blueprints for making disciples, and then learn how we can apply it to youth ministry. And like any good podcast, we’ll host special guests from various ministries to give us their insight and expertise on youth ministry, cultural issues, and theological concepts. 

When you tune into the podcast, you’ll also get access to a downloadable handout corresponding to the day’s episode that you can print out and take notes on. The first two episodes will be released on Monday, March 11, then we’ll release one episode on the 25th of each month starting Monday, March 25. Each episode will be half an hour long. 

You can watch the podcast episodes on my YouTube channel at or listen on Spotify, iTunes, Google Play, and PodbeanMake sure to subscribe so you know when the latest episode releases and invite your other youth ministry friends to subscribe too!

I’m beyond excited to start this new podcast journey and I hope that you’ll come along for the ride. 

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