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“One a Day In May”…The GO2020 Super Challenge

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Greg Stier

What if there were one billion gospel conversations around the world in the month of May? What if tens of millions of believers would unite to ignite a Gospel Advancing Movement one conversation at a time?

This is exactly what the creators of Go2020 are praying, planning and pushing for throughout the month of May and beyond. Go2020 is an amazing evangelistic campaign that is fueling a God-honoring, Gospel Advancing, church-uniting, denomination-aligning,  multi-ethnic, faith-sharing movement happening in over 140 countries around the world!

Share the gospel once a day in the month of May!

The goal for the United States is to trigger one hundred million gospel conversations led by ten million believers! My good friend Dave Gibson is the North American Director of Go2020USA and he is passionate about seeing this nation saturated with the hope of Jesus by mobilizing believers to share the gospel.

Dave and I were talking with each other this week and came up with an idea…what if that there was a movement within the movement? What if there were a core group of believers who wanted to lead the way for this global movement by taking, what he has nicknamed, The Go2020 Super Challenge?

IMG_6658What’s this challenge? It’s two fold:

1.  Having a gospel conversation once a day in the month of May.

Would you consider taking this “super challenge”? Imagine the potential impact!

By May 31st (which happens to be Pentecost Sunday) those who take this challenge will have had at least 31 gospel conversations! Yes, this is a big commitment, and, no, it’s not for everyone. But Dave Gibson and I believe that if we can get enough believers taking this next level challenge it will inspire every believer to, at the minimum, step up their evangelistic game.

Of course, taking this challenge doesn’t make you more spiritual or make God love you more. It’s simply a challenge.

And, no, it’s not a numbers game. It’s actually not a game at all. It’s about every last person having every last chance to hear, understand and accept the good news of Jesus. It’s about rescuing as many people as possible from the hell they are headed to and the hell they’re going through apart from Jesus Christ!

Dave and I were the first to take the challenge and now, national as well as global leaders are jumping on board to take it as well! But there’s a second part to this commitment. Not only will you share the gospel with “one a day in May” but you’ll also….

2.  Ask five others to join you in this challenge!

Jesus multiplied the bread and the fishes to feed a crowd of thousands. Our prayer is that Jesus would use The Go2020 Super Challenge to multiply fishermen (Matthew 4:19) and laborers in his harvest field.

In Matthew 9:37,38 Jesus told his disciples that, “The harvest is plentiful but the workers are few.” And now Dave, myself, and a growing number of national and international leaders are asking God to “send out workers into his harvest field” who will make sowing and reaping a daily habit throughout the month of May. 

Sadly, we have seen how quickly the Coronavirus has grown and accelerated across the world, taking so many lives along the way. Well, the gospel is even more viral. And, unlike an actual virus, it doesn’t kill, it heals. It doesn’t destroy, it deploys. It doesn’t take you out, it lifts you up!

So will you take this challenge? Will you seek to reach out to “one a day in the month of May“? Will you seek to have a conversation every day with at least one person about the Good News of Jesus Christ?

These daily conversations can take several forms:

In person conversations: Of course this will probably take place from 6 feet away due to the pandemic. But, guess what? You can share Jesus from 6 feet away! I’ve done it on several occasions since the global lockdown!

Over the phone: Cecelia Kang of the New York Times reports, “Phone calls have made a comeback in the pandemic.”

Dr. Al Mohler in his daily briefing reports, “Americans are talking so much on their phones that they’re talking twice as much as they have talked in previous Mother’s Days. Every day right now is Mother’s Day times two and not only with mothers.” He goes on to show that even telemarketers are having a hard time getting off the phone because people want to talk! What a great time to share the gospel over the phone, especially with friends, family, neighbors, classmates and co-workers! People are eager to talk and they’re more eager than ever to talk about God!

Via Text and Social Media:  You could text a different person every day with the question, “How can I pray for you?”  and then use that as a way to start a gospel conversation. You could send out gospel conversation-starting videos like this one to start conversations as well.

There are five different videos Dare 2 Share has developed that help you start these conversations. You can find them all here.

Through the Life in 6 Words app: This new faith sharing app is now “pandemic proof.” After you download it, push “Start a Conversation” and choose the “Send audio story” button. Then record your own voice on each slide of the app. There are cues embedded in the app to help you articulate your story and the gospel message in a clear and compelling way. 

The app then gives you the opportunity to send your friend, family member, co-worker, classmate or neighbor a text, e-mail or DM that invites them to check out the 6 words that changed your life. Your message includes a link that takes them to an introduction slide (with your voice narrating) and then through six G.O.S.P.E.L. slides that unpack the full story of the Good News of Jesus. Again, it’s your voice explaining each slide and helping them to understand the gospel.

Check out this quick video to see the full functionality of this robust and highly effective faith sharing app.


Life in 6 Words App from Clear Design Group on Vimeo.

Go2020USA has tons of resources for your to use to get the word out and get The Word out so be sure to check out their amazing resources!

However you choose to have these daily conversations, just have them. Pray that God opens up the door and then go out the door and look for those opportunities!

I suggest we post our stories daily and use the Hashtags: #OneADayInMay #Go2020SuperChallenge and #LetsGo to encourage each other and encourage others to join.

If you are up for the challenge, leave a comment below or DM me on Twitter or Instagram (@gregstier for both!) And, again, be sure to check out Go2020USA and Dare 2 Share for more faith sharing resources.

Who’s ready to take The Go2020 Super Challenge in May? Who’s ready to reach one a day in May? 

Let’s Go!!!

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