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A poem I wrote a few years ago

Greg Stier
Greg Stier

From a Teen’s Eyes 


You tell me to get a job  

So I can earn my keep.

And purchase all the little things 

I like and want and need.


You tell me to go to church  

So I can be religious.

And find some inner harmony 

While looking quite prestigious.


But what you say so often  

Makes no sense to me.

I do not understand at all 

What you’re telling me.


You have a college education  

A reputation that is strong.

You have a great job

You work hard and smart and long.


But I see not valid reason  

To go to church with you.

I see no inner love or peace 

In what you say or do.


I don’t see any evidence  

Of this God you claim to know.

I don’t hear Him in the words you speak  

I don’t sense Him in your soul.


So I will get a real good job  

And go to college too.

I’ll build a solid reputation  

By the hard work that I’ll do.


But when it comes to church and stuff  

I think that I will pass.

I have no need to look “holy”

To my Bible class.


You can go to church on Sunday  

You can seek your own applause

You can keep your stale religion.  

You can keep your tiny god.



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