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California Dreaming

Picture of Greg Stier
Greg Stier

Right now I’m sitting at John Wayne International Airport with my wife and son (Kailey’s back at home with grandma and grandpa) praising God for what he did this last weekend in Cali. I had the privilege of speaking to about 3,000 or so teenagers at Fresh and saw, I would say, somewhere around 150-200 make decisions for Christ and well over 2,000 “choose to lose” so that their friends can win.

As I get ready to head back to D-town I’m asking you to pray for the teenagers I challenged in and around Anaheim (strangely close to Disneyland…hmmmm…is that why Debbie and Jeremy came with me?) to start the revolution right where they are at. I have to hit it hard this week to get ready for a writing retreat and my first of two Promise Keeper’s events this summer.

P.S.   Mickey and Minnie say “hey”

Unlikely Fighter

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