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Jammin’ with Fresh and friends

Picture of Greg Stier
Greg Stier

This weekend I’m in California at an event sponsored by Fresh speaking to somewhere around 5,000 Korean young people. I’ve done other events sponsored by this same team and I must say that sharing God’s Word with these young people ranks right up there with my favorite speaking “gigs”.

I love Charles Kim (who leads it). I love Starfield (who leads worship for it). And I especially love the young people who attend it. They are on the leading edge of what I believe will be a student led, worldwide spiritual awakening that will revolutionize the church as we know it in America and across the globe.

Tonight and tomorrow night (it’s Friday afternoon right now) I’ll ask my friends at Fresh to post their comments on this blog about how they are choosing to lose themselves this summer for the sake of Jesus. My prayer is that among these young people there would be no more rebels or posers but only losers (see Matthew 10:39 for further explanation!)

As you read their comments this weekend (keep checking back in), pray with me that my five thousand or so friends would become a radical, revolutionary army of God loving, people serving, gospel sharing evangelists. Pray with me that God uses them in a powerful way to advance his kingdom for his glory!

See you losers later…

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