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America’s Most Talented Spaz

Picture of Greg Stier
Greg Stier

I went to high school with Kevin Johnson, the ventriliquist on NBC’s America’s Got Talent. From the time I’ve known him the guy has been the biggest spaz you could imagine. If guys like me and Art, the Albino Rhino, are calling you “spaz” you have some serious jitter issues.

Kevin was the guy who would get called off the bench in a basketball game and run up and down the court like a madman, jumping and waving his hands in the face of the guy he was guarding. He was probably throwing his voice then too, making the basketball talk to the guy dribbling it and psyching him out with phrases like, “you’re bouncing me too hard” and “stop double dribbling me man!”

To be honest it’s great to see Kevin do so well in that competition. The judges have been pretty nice to him and the audience seems to love him, especially the part of his act where he does his badly dubbed Japanese movie ventriliquism trick. Freaky Kevin! Freaky but good!

Oh by the way, Kevin is the real deal. He loves Jesus and is truly a very nice guy. I’m going to be preaching a sermon in California during tonight’s “who goes on to the finals” show, but I hope Kevin goes on to win the competition.

Either way, thanks to NBC, he is now the most famous ventriliquist in America! I’m sure he will be booked for years to come as a result of his stint on this show.

What’s the lesson for us? No matter what weird, wild, kooky talents you have, use them for the glory of God. It could change the world (and maybe even win you a million bucks!)

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