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The Albino Rhino

Picture of Greg Stier
Greg Stier

I affectionately refer to a lifelong friend of mine “Art” as the Albino Rhino. Why? Because he is a very white, very tight, very ripped bulldozer of a guy who loves Jesus with all his heart. He’s been known to charge like a Rhino into any situation with reckless abandon…usually to share the gospel.

I’ve known Art since I was eleven or twelve years old. Those of you who have heard me preach before may have heard the famous “bathroom story” that Art is known for in my talks.

But now I want him famous for another reason. He is having a powerful impact on soldiers in Iraq, driving trucks in army convoys for Haliburton. How is he having an impact? By sharing the gospel through his public prayers. Here’s a slice from an e-mail I got five minutes ago from my light skinned buddy,

“The Lord has been watching over me and again i have to remind people back home that their prayers are making a difference.  I was asked to speak for 2 minutes at a memorial service and share a verse for someone who died.  I am regulary asked to pray before each convoy mission.  I get a lot of compliments because i include the gospel in my prayers all the time in case no one knows that they can go to heaven through Christ.  In fact people say that they like it when i pray because when i pray nothing bad happens on our missions.  I encourage them to pray and trust Christ to because He listens to all of His people.  Now watch, now that i said this the next mission i pray on everything will fall apart.  But even if it does i know that God is still in control and is to be trusted. “
That’s Art. He is also using and showing Dare 2 Share’s GOSPEL Journey Reality Series to various soldiers, co-workers and chaplains in the army. Pray that God uses this series to impact thousands of soldiers just as it is beginnning to impact tens of thousands of teenaged “spiritual soldiers” here in the States. By the way, have you seen the first session of The GOSPEL Journey yet? If not, it is streamed online for free for all to watch. Just go to and enjoy the first session. Why click on right now? Because the first session is only seventeen minutes long! In about half the time it would take you to watch a sitcom you can watch the first episode of this powerful Christian reality series! Pray for my buddy Art if you think about it. And if you can leave a comment of encouragement to him after you read this post. He is going to be checking it and I want him to know that many others are praying for him. Hey Art, if you are reading this now… “What you do bud?” (inside joke)

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