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Apocalypto for realo

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Greg Stier

Mel Gibson’s new movie Apocalypto is out in theatres. It’s about one man’s quest to survive his version of “the last days” as he runs from a angry, blood thirsty tribe that is hunting him down.

Haven’t seen the movie but there is another “Apocalypto” that the Bible refers to again and again, the coming of the Lord, the last days, the end, the real and final “asta lavista” for the earth as we know it. For more information check out this cool book called “The Book of Revelation.”I don’t quite understand everything (or maybe even most things) in this end of days “script.” But I know the director and let’s just say that he is a few levels more proficient than Mel Gibson at crafting a good, intense, dramatic and powerful ending.

Suffice it to say that it ends with a bang.

Maybe that’s why I’m so pumped up to hammer out the framework for the Survive Tour this month. My goal is to have the big picture basics of the training manual and program finished before the end of the year.

The Survive Tour is based on the return of Christ as depicted in 2 Peter 3:9-12. It’s not so much about all the finer details of the return of Jesus (like when he will return or the pre, post, ahhh stuff) but the FACT that he is coming back and when he does we had better all be ready.

This tour won’t start until November of 2007 but when it does it’s going to, by God’s grace, ROCK! This Dare 2 Share tour is going to deal with how we should share our faith, deal with possessions, view Jesus (the God/man full of holiness, passion, intensity and love Jesus as depicted in the book of Revelation), and guard our sexual purity in light of the return of Christ.

The worship band is going to be awesome and the concert band is going to rock (I wish I could tell you but my staff would kill me because it’s not officially confirmed yet.) We haven’t written the drama yet but the concept is jelling and swelling in our brains.

And we got something else up our sleeve (can’t tell you about that yet either) that if confirmed will change the way we do these training conferences forever.

Oh the mystery of it all!

You may not have even been to the Game Day conference yet (the current Dare 2 Share tour based on 2 Timothy 4:1-8…Go! Fight! Win!) Come. This conference tour is awesome! If you don’t believe it check out some of the posts under “Denver Rocked.” But go ahead and put the Survive conference closest to you on your calendar for next school year (check out for the schedule.)

For those of you who aren’t planning on going…I’d wish we’d all been ready.

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