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Bittersweet…the Game Day Tour is done!

Picture of Greg Stier
Greg Stier

Why bitter?

  • Because at heart I’m a road warrior. I love the thrill of the late nights, early mornings, hard days and travel nightmares that are a part of traveling to Dare 2 Share conferences.
  • Because I’m going to miss the youth leader sessions, the friday night opening talk and closing response time.
  • Because I love the teenagers who attend our events (and the youth leaders too!)
  • Because, by God’s grace, this was our best, most effective training conference ever.

Why sweet?

  • Because I get some time at home with my lovely wife and spastic kids.
  • Because I get to work on a new book (my first novel…pray for me…I have no clue how to write a novel. Maybe I should read one before I try writing one!)
  • Because I get to do a few festivals and national events this summer.
  • Because in the next few months or so we are going to start podcasting (video and audio) our weekly Dare 2 Share chapel services. Stay tuned for more info but I’m hoping that this is an opportunity to let youth leaders, teenagers, parents, pastors and our partners to get an insider’s view of Dare 2 Share and learn from God’s Word as we “go old school” and exposit the Word of God in a fun and life transforming way for our staff
  • Because we are already working on next year’s Survive Tour and, by God’s grace, it will surpass GameDay in impact and power to transform.

All is all the Game Day tour was awesome. Something like 48,000 teens trained, well over 100 tons of canned food collected, thousands came to Christ and tens of thousands more are being led to Christ through the teens who were trained.

Praise the Lord for what he has done, is doing and will do through this transformation generation!

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