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“Jesus can make tomatoes disappear!”

Picture of Greg Stier
Greg Stier

Last night as I tucked Jeremy into bed he yelled out “Jesus can make tomatoes disappear daddy!”


“Yeah! My teacher told me!”

“Okay, Jeremy, I guess he can. But why would Jesus want to make tomatoes disappear?”

“Because tomatoes destroy houses daddy and they kill people.”

I’m sitting on the side of Jeremy’s bed trying to figure out what in the world he’s talking about. Did Bob the Tomato go bad? Has he gone over to “the dark side” by associating with those naughty kidney beans? Or did my son just lose his mind (and so soon…it took me until I was twelve!)

“Tomatoes don’t destroy houses and they sure don’t kill people!”

“Yes they do daddy. My teacher told me so!”

Now I’m getting nervous about the quality of education my son is getting at Faith Christian Academy.

“My teacher told me that tomatoes, you know, those big, black winds that go round and round, kill people!”

“Do you mean tornados Jeremy!”

“Yeah, that’s it daddy! Jesus can make tornados disappear.”

We had a good talk about the power of prayer and how Jesus can do anything. We talked about praying in faith to God and asking him in boldness to answer our prayers. We talked about how God doesn’t always answer “yes” but he always answers best!

I’m glad my son believes in the power of prayer. I’m thrilled that he truly believes Jesus can do anything.

I wish Jesus would make brussel sprouts disappear.

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