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Call me Crazy

Picture of Greg Stier
Greg Stier

People who just know me from my preaching think of me as a very intense, highly spastic kind of guy with veins and eyes that look like they are going to pop out of my skin and skull at any time. These people think of me as on-the-brink-of-crazy, a kind of pre insanity that, with the right circumstances, could go over the edge of Mt. Wacko pretty quickly.

Those who know me best know that the people on the outside are right.

I am spastic. I can’t keep my veins from poking out of my skin like normal people and the same baby blues that look like they are going to fire out of my eye sockets like cannonballs from the stage look the same way when I’m telling a story to a group of friends or when I’m playing “Tigers” or “Gorillas” with Jeremy and Kailey (don’t ask). Pretty much what you see is what you get with me.

Sometimes I feel like I’m going to go crazy. When I look around at the potential of teens and the church and the finances available to fulfill the Great Commission that are being used for other “stuff” I feel like I’m going to go insane. When I see the often cotton candy curriculum available for youth leaders to use with teenagers it pushes me to the brink of cuckoo. It’s so elemental it makes me mental.

That’s why I’m about to write a new book titled “Call me Crazy.” The tentative sub-title is “big questions and weird experiences that turned me into a teenage Jesus freak.” Basically, it’s kind of an autobiography of events of my life all before I got out of high school and the key life questions it answered (Who is God? Where did I come from? Can I be forgiven for any sin? etc). Each chapter revolves around one key story, one key question and one key Scripture. It’s kind of a biography meets theology meets devotional book.

The crazy things that God allowed me to experience before I graduated from high school drove me back to the Bible. Between the experience, the Spirit of God and the Scriptures, my philosophy and theology of life were hammered out before the tassel on my cap was moved.

So here’s my question. What do you think of the sub-title? Again it’s, “Call me crazy….big questions and weird experiences that turned me into a teenage Jesus freak” Is this a book that you would buy? Do you have any cover ideas? All input is welcome.

By the way the book comes out next summer through Tyndale and Focus on the Family.

Call me crazy…but I really need your help!

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