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DC and Me

Greg Stier
Greg Stier

Of all the coffee joints in all the world…I end up in another Starbucks. But not just any Starbucks, the one at my wife’s favorite mall in the world, Tyson’s Corner Mall in the DC area. The first or second time we were here in DC together we found this mall and she fell in love with it. “Found” is not really the right word because my wife has a built in sense of mall radar that I have come to call “Malldar”. She can intuitively sense the closest mall in almost any city that we are driving through. Weird, yet somehow strangely attractive. But I digress.

Why am I camped out at a shopping mall? I’m getting ready to walk into a fundraising meeting tonight (please pray for that awesome things come out of this meeting) and taking some time to decompress from a morning full of interactive meetings with the top youth ministry minds in the nation.

As I was sitting in the Bolger Leadership Center this morning listening to these thinkers wax philosophic I was asking myself what in the world I was doing in the same room with these youth ministry giants. As I scanned the meeting circle I saw the youth heads of denominations and parachurch ministries, many of whom are brilliant strategists and whose ministries are quad-ra-stinkin-druple bigger than little ole Dare 2 Share.

But then I remembered something. In the economy of God bigger and smarter is not necessarily better. I remembered that its okay to be the little guy. It worked out for David anyway.

The more that I listened this morning the more I was reminded of the potential spiritual impact of every leader in the room. I was reminded even more of the impact of the army of students under each of their leadership. And all this reminding reminded me of the words I would use to describe this impact:


Pray that God uses each of them to lead their “soldiers” to win…to win souls, to win their communities, to win the battle.

Anyway, I got to go. There’s an LL Bean store here. I can hear my wife’s voice whisper in my inner ear:

“Bring me a peace offering for being gone so long and remember that blue is my favorite color.”

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