Dare 2 Share Korea

Greg Stier
Greg Stier
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God opened a door so wide that if we didn’t walk through it we would have been disobedient to his Spirit. So we walked through it. It is the door to all of Asia. It is the door to world-wide missions and ministry. It is the door into the churches of South Korea.

Dare 2 Share Korea is becoming a reality.

Our good friends Mr. and Mrs. Foley at Seoul USA are leading the charge to make this all happen. Dare 2 Share Korean staff have already been hired and a Dare 2 Share conference is being planned in the near future.

What’s really great is that we have been training our Korean brothers and sisters in the principles we operate by and they are actually going to do the contextualizing and actual training. We are not going to try to pretend we know how to reach Korean teenagers. But what we are going to do is train our Korean fellow Dare 2 Shareites in the “above culture” principles that work with humans in general. Our Asian compadres will contextualize all of these principles and all of our stuff into Korean.

By the way they have had to coin their own term for teenager (since there is not a word for “teenager” in the Korean language). That word is “paranee” (par-ah-knee) which means “blue” or “horizon” or “revolution”. It has to do with the sky, with hope and change on the horizon. These Korean teenagers are the blue generation, who God is going to use to revolutionize everything.

You may be thinking “I thought that South Korea was the Christian capital of Asia?” You’d be right. The churches there are some of the biggest in the world. They are vibrant in prayer and global missions. And they are losing their young as fast as we are in America.

It’s time to raise up an army of on-fire teenagers in Korea and America who will set the pace for revival and transform their culture for Jesus by reaching every teenager they know with the message and mission of Jesus. It’s time to go global, not with Dare 2 Share the organization but with the principles we run by. To take a look at these principles go back and watch our first podcasts under the section “Ministry to the 10th power” section on Dare 2 Share Uncensored.

Pray for our Korean brothers and sisters as they are used of God to launch D2S Korea in a big way for the glory of Jesus!

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