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Two high school girls in a jeep laughing at me

Greg Stier
Greg Stier

There I was yesterday walking back and forth in front of Starbucks while blabbing away on my cellphone when I saw them, two high school girls in a parked jeep pointing and laughing at me. At first I thought they could be mocking someone else. But I looked around and there was nobody to mock but me. Even when our eyes met they continued to point and laugh.

It didn’t bother me much. I had gotten used to being laughed at by high school girls…in high school. I just went inside and continued my phone call.

After the day was done I finally realized why those girls were laughing at me. I had my cool Quicksilver shorts on inside out. These are the kinds of shorts that look very inside out when they are inside out. Tags galore, the back side stitching for pockets hanging everywhere should have been two glaring cues to my “can’t dress myself” dilemma. I don’t know how many people I encountered yesterday, but only two had the courage to point and mock and laugh out loud at the over forty guy who was wearing surfer hip clothes inside out.

Maybe I’ll start a trend.

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