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Hearts on Fire in Gatlinburg, Tennessee!

Picture of Greg Stier
Greg Stier

Last night I took a two legged flight from Denver to Memphis and Memphis to Knoxville. I then drove the long, winding road from Knoxville through the Smokey Mountains to Gatlinburg. I feel like I’ve reached the deep south promised land after 40 years in the desert! Oh manna it’s been quite a ride!

Why have I made this trek? To preach at a gathering called “Hearts on Fire!” Somewhere around 5,000 teenagers are going to be challenged to not be a rebel or a poser but to become a loser instead, to lose everything to follow after Jesus!

I’m also going to give these teens “The Double Dare” to tell everyone they know about Jesus in God’s timing, in God’s power and with God’s love and to start with one person within the next 48 hours. Pray with me that God gives them the strength to follow through.

Have you taken the Double Dare yet? If so, tell me some of your stories. I love evangelism stories, they are like Krispy Kreme donuts to me…sweet, delicious and addictive (yet I don’t gain weight listening to them!) If you haven’t taken the Dare 2 Share Double Dare then why not take it right now. Click here, take the dare, share the dare with a Christian friend and then watch the “How to Evangelize” podcast. You’ll get everything you need to follow through on your Double Dare!

Pray with me that hearts are truly set on fire for Jesus today!

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