What are you thankful for?

Greg Stier
Greg Stier
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I’m thankful for Jesus, for His grace, for free access to the throne room of God anytime of the day or night, for a wife that loves me in spite of all my “idiot”syncrasies, for a spastic son with a glimmer in his eye and a sensitive heart, and for a sweet daughter with a unique way about her and a strong will within her that could (and hopefully will) be harnessed toward making a difference in this world.

I’m thankful for a great staff who work tirelessly to advance the Great Commission through an army of teenagers, for an executive team that is passionate, professional and who take this ministry as personally as I do. I’m grateful for a phenomenal executive assistant who knows how to sum up things in a way that I can easily digest and who puts up with me in spite of all my “idiot”syncrasies.

I’m thankful for words that I make up and can use again later in the same article, words that were funny the first time but lose their humor the second time around.

I’m thankful for donors who are owners as well. I’m grateful that they are busy turning Dare 2 Share from a noun that they support financially into a verb that they live out personally.

And I can’t forget giving thanks for these precious blessings: Youth leaders who are going deep and wide in their youth ministry programming. I’m grateful for the “enough is enough” look I’m seeing on the faces of youth leaders who are sick of the same old fun junky Wednesday night grind.

I give thanks for teenagers who are living out the double dare. I’m grateful that Dare 2 Share is not called to reach the world for Christ but to train, equip and unleash the youth groups that could. I get chills when I hear the stories of changed lives and transformed youth groups. Each chill is a resounding trumpet that reminds me to thank God once again.

I thank God for all the blessings he has bestowed on my undeserving life.

What are you thankful for?

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