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Jesus is coming soon!

Picture of Greg Stier
Greg Stier

Two days ago Jeremy (7), Kailey (3) and I were going out to take a walk. As we went outside we were greeted with a wonderful sight. The biggest Cumulus Nimbus cloud I think I have ever seen. It was black on the edges and purple in the middle, that’s right purple. I have never seen a more breathtaking cloud in my life.

I told Jeremy, “Now that’s a Jesus cloud.” Jeremy knew what I was talking about. Many a night we had talked about Jesus returning on a great big cloud someday. He immediately started freaking out, “Jesus is coming back! Jesus is coming back!”

“Yeah, I know but…”

Before I could finish he ran toward the screen door and yelled, “Mom, get out here! Jesus is coming back!”

“But son…”

“Look daddy! The cloud is opening up! HE’S COMING! HE’S COMING!”

He grabbed Kailey by the shoulders, looked her squarely in the eyes and proclaimed, “Look at that cloud Kailey! You better get ready! Jesus is coming back right now!”

Before I could intervene she started crying and ran inside. I’m sure neighbors were peering out their windows wondering what kind of hillbilly micro-evangelist I was raising. But, just as I was about to tell Jeremy to keep it down, I remembered that this is the kind of news that should be shouted with utter excitement. The last words of Jesus in the second to the last verse of the Bible say, “Behold I am coming soon!”

This proclamation strikes fear in some (Kailey), embarrassment in others (daddy) but sheer excitement in the hearts the few (Jeremy.)

Lord make me more like my little boy. On second thought, make me more like yours! Father, I can’t wait until he comes back.

Shout it Jeremy! Shout it!

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