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Leah’s Poem

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Greg Stier

A girl named Leah wrote this poem. She was the 17th comment on my blog about “The Only New Year’s Resolution that Matters”. Thanks Leah. Your poem is awesome!

“Refections as I look back on this year”

I know I cried.

I know I laughed.  

I know I talked.

I know I listened.  

I know I shared.

I know I loved.  

I know I grew.

I know I lived.

But did I do it to the fullest? Did I live 100%?  

I know I missed out.

I know I screwed up.  

I know I made mistakes.

I know I am human.  

Maybe this next year will be different.  

Maybe this next year things will change.  

Maybe this next year could be perfect.  

Maybe this next year I will live 100%.

Not 100% for enemies: TV, possessions, fights, vices, hate or school.  

But 2% for laughter,

2% for friends,

2% for true life,

2% for conversations,

2% for joy,

And 100% for God  

All those other things flow from him

And in Him I’ll live this year.

I’m living for heaven in 2007.”

Some of you may be thinking that “the math” doesn’t add up. In God’s economy when we live 100% for Jesus everything else falls into it’s proper place. May your 2007 be spent 100% for God and 2% for everything else. May all those who are reading this make this their same goal. Because when we live for Jesus, as you said Leah, “all those other things flow from him” and fall into place. Happy New Year!

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