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Thousands of “losers” in Georgia

Picture of Greg Stier
Greg Stier

Well it was time to bust out the old “Rebels, Posers and Losers” talk on a group of thousands of Southern Baptist teenagers in Georgia. You remember the one right? It’s the sermon outline I used on our Dare2share Revolution tour last school year. The point? That there are three kinds of teens…rebels, posers and those who “choose to lose” everything to follow Christ!

Anyway….wow! What GREAT teens and what a huge response. Hundreds came to Christ and thousands chose to lose! During my final challenge these “losers” made a commitment to share the gospel within 48 hours of coming back home from this event.

If you were among them tell me your story!!! Make my New Year a Happy one by letting me know what happened when you dared to share your faith!

See you losers in 2007!

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