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Michael Richard’s Racist Rant

Greg Stier
Greg Stier

The mighty Kramer has fallen.

The comedian/actor is now in trouble/crisis because of his anger/mouth. Sorry for all the slashes. It’s just that slashing is exactly what he has done to his career and the sense of polite political correctness in this country.

Ever since Babel when God separated the people and confused their languages racism has been a problem on this volatile planet. Since early Genesis there has never been a true and lasting unity between the races. Sin has always caused humankind to run to their clans and push others out with overt or covert racist words, thoughts or actions.

Only in Jesus can that sense of racism be removed. Because “in him we are neither Greek or Jew” and I would add  we are neither “black or white” or brown, yellow or whatever. We are all one in Christ.

In the words of Tony Evans (one of my favorite preachers who just happens to be black) it’s not about black or brown or white or yellow. It’s about red, the color of the blood of Christ. It is his death on the cross that unites every Christian together into on family, one body, one clan.

And what should our attitude be toward those outside our spiritual clan? We love them and we get them to join our happy throng no matter what their skin color or national descent. If they refuse to join us we love them still as Jesus calls us to.

If you are a “Christian racist” realize that that is an oxymoron and that you are a foxy moron. I have no tolerance for those who claim the name of Christ and reject others who are of a different skin color. Jesus accepted everybody who came to him in faith…even the Samaritans, who Jews despised with the white hot intensity of a thousand racist suns.

As for Kramer (errr….I mean Michael Richards) come to Jesus and let him cure you of all your sin, all your “n words” and all your racism. You will find hope, forgiveness and complete restoration in him.

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