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Denver, Tampa and Charlotte

Picture of Greg Stier
Greg Stier

Okay, so I left frigid Denver on Friday and flew to warm Tampa. This morning I left warm Tampa for cool Charlotte. And I head back tomorrow to good old Colorado for more cold weather (it snowed the day after I left…again!)

Why leave frigid Denver to begin with?

To do the Tampa Bay Luis Palau Festival youth training (wow that’s a mouthful!) Saturday night I had the privilege of equipping around 2,000 teenagers to share the good news of Jesus. The vast majority took The 48 Hour Challenge (if you were one of them I’ll be reading your story when you post it below!) In addition most of the youth leaders adopted The Go Wide Plan. What made the trip especially fun was staying with my friends Ed and Becky right on their beautiful oceanfront house. NOTE: Don’t ever tell your wife you are walking on the beach in 80 degree weather when she and the kids are “snowed in”. Take my word for it.

Why leave warm Tampa after that?

To get to cool Charlotte and do a session for Youth Specialties called “Ministry Mutiny” (based on my book) and equip youth leaders to overthrow the errant system of YM unknowingly delivered to us by our YM forefathers. I can’t wait?

Why head back to frigid Colorado tomorrow morning?

To get back to the warm arms of my beautiful wife, spastic boy and spunky daughter!

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