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My first time on CNN

Picture of Greg Stier
Greg Stier

Wow! It all happened so quickly. CNN called yesterday and wanted an interview with spazboy. On what? Halo 3! It seems a lot of churches are using it as an outreach. Since my good buddy and fellow Dare 2 Share associate, Lane Palmer, had been interviewed for the New York Times about the Halo 3 hubbub (Lane had written a Soul Fuel article on Halo 3) they wanted to draw me into the debate.

By God’s grace I didn’t bite.

My 3 minutes of CNN interview time focused on how to use culture to bring the gospel up. Christians have a tendency to rail on all things culture instead of using it to bring a spiritual conversation up. As for the churches that use Halo 3 as an outreach (personally I’ve not played the game) each of us stands or falls before our own Master.

I was on the Erica Hill Show and interviewed by Mike Galanos on the “Get to the Point” segment. Hopefully we’ll get a connection to a digital version of the interview at some point.

Oh, and I got to “slip in” a short gospel presentation (oops! how did that happen?)

Praise the Lord with me for this awesome opportunity!

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